[Tweeters] Leachs storm-petrel

Brendan Higgins frogdude at gmail.com
Sat Oct 28 15:34:52 PDT 2006

yesterday after school we went out on a fishing/ birding trip on Puget
sound. we launched out of Edmonds and were heading north to possession
bar(south end of Whidbey island). we were probaly 3 miles northwest of
Edmonds when we spotted the bird. it was pretty small and it was flying very
close to the surface of the water. it liked to flap its wings very rapidly
then glide. it had the white rump patch and the pale V shape on its wings
that the Sibly indicates. we got up to it really close for a minute then we
went our separate ways. i looked at all the possibilities and it was
definitely a Leach's Storm-petrel. it was last seen heading east and
brackets landing could be a good bet to see him.

Brendan Higgins
Seattle WA
frogdude at gmail.com

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