[Tweeters] mcnary dam floodgates closed

Brett Wolfe m_lincolnii at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 30 11:16:59 PST 2006

The only two questions I see are: why are they closed, and for how long? Add water and you have birds (the equation is often almost that simple). So why are the gates closed and for how long? We birders need to get together and let legislators know that salmon aren't the only ones who depend on that water. If we value our wildlife, we need to be letting the powers that be know about stuff like this.

Brett A. Wolfe
Seattle, WA
m_lincolnii at yahoo.com

Brad Yoneoka <yoneoka01 at msn.com> wrote:
i talked to the mcnary dam operator, bill, friday, and was told that the floodgates are closed. this means the mudflats are closed, no access to food, so few waterfowl stopping to eat. according to my falcon guide "wa nature weekends" by sunny walter and janet o'mara, p.171, there usually are huge nos. of wintering waterfowl who arrive at the end of october at mcnary natural wildlife refuge,. but bill said he had not seen them yet [?]. for further info, call 509-547-4942.

brad yoneoka
Seattle, WA
mailto:yoneoka01 at msn.com
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