[Tweeters] A Ravens escort

Dawn Bailey dawnsdog at rainierconnect.com
Mon Sep 4 14:14:26 PDT 2006

Hi Tweets,

I finally caught on about Wednesday this week. When you hear the Ravens, even when they sound far away, look up!
The local Ravens are providing an escort service to the migrating raptors. Two Osprey, a coop, and a sharpie have been seen overhead with Ravens.
The best show was this morning when the Ravens called, I got my butt up and out, and at first it looked like the Ravens were harassing the Sharpie, but after a minute the sharpie was harassing the Ravens. It was great show. Around and around on the thermals they circled with the Sharpie holding its own and tailing one Raven more then the others. The Ravens showed off their rolling dives as the sharpie easily kept up with them, going from below to above them in fluid motions.

And off the deck late yesterday afternoon, two juv Goldfinches were begging food from mom. One was getting more then the other so the juv that was going without started to push between the sibling and mom. The adult hopped to another branch but still tried to deliver the seed in her crop to the babies, but they both missed and a good size chunk went to the ground. It is amazing how much seed she must have in her as she continued to feed both of the juv birds. I noticed only one juv is following her around today.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday.

Dawn Bailey
Eatonville, WA
dawnsdog at rainierconnect.com

"Life isn't a succession of urgent nows, but a listless trickle of why should I's?"
~ John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester

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