[Tweeters] Fill oddities

csidles at isomedia.com csidles at isomedia.com
Mon Sep 4 04:03:51 PDT 2006

Hey tweets, no mega-rarities at the Fill yesterday, but a MOURNING DOVE
and a BROWN CREEPER were certainly unusual. I also saw a very bold and
beautiful coyote hunting turtles or frogs or something out on a log at the
north end of the bay. A GREAT BLUE HERON standing nearby in the water was
eyeing the coyote carefully. On the main pond were a GREATER YELLOWLEGS
and a lone LEAST. COMMON YELLOWTHROATS were , well, common. GREEN-WINGED
TEALS are back, along with some very skittish NORTHERN SHOVELERS. You can
almost feel the earth tilting on its axis as the seasons turn. - Connie,

csidles at isomedia.com

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