[Tweeters] Westport Ruff & BB TV

pslott VariedThrush at comcast.net
Sun Sep 10 21:53:29 PDT 2006


Today at around 3 PM, I spotted a juvenile Ruff with a group of Black 
Turnstones on the beach of the little bay just north of the Westport 
jetty parking area.  Alan & I watched the bird for an hour before a 
couple walked by with their black Labrador at high tide.  The birds had 
lost the beach to the water anyway, so they flew north and settled on 
the other side of the bay at the foot of the jetty.  Western Sandpipers 
already resting on the rocks there were disturbed by the dog.  I got 
some pictures of the Ruff which I'd be happy to send to anyone.  I don't 
have my own website.

At Bottle Beach we had a Turkey Vulture, among other birds, including a 
juvenile Peregrine.

It was a beautiful and relaxing day.

Patricia S. Lott
Seattle, WA
mail to: VariedThrush at comcast.net

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