[Tweeters] First Bird Book

Joemeche at aol.com Joemeche at aol.com
Tue Sep 12 22:14:23 PDT 2006

"The Warblers of North America," edited primarily by none other than Ludlow
Griscom. I grew in southwest Louisiana and was fascinated by the spring
warblers that came through our backyard in incomprehensible numbers.

This is not a field guide but a veritable tome, of sorts. I still have a
copy and it's really interesting reading, given that it's 49 years old. The
range maps are pretty crude and, of course, there are no photos. But, nice
illustrations and the text is much more appealing and written in a more personal
style by such astute observers as R. T. Peterson, Allan Cruickshank, and
Alexander Skutch.

It's a keeper. And I'm keeping it.

Joe Meche

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