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Hi Dave,
Peacocks must be highly territorial as people can keep them as pets and they
stick around. My in-laws used to live on 5 acres of a 10 acre tract in
Temecula, CA. A family of peacocks lived on the property and would come to
the back door for scraps. At dusk they made beeps and honks while flying up
to roost in the tall eucalyptus trees. They were safe there from the
coyotes and dogs that prowled the area at night.

Sequim, WA
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>well, clovis ache,


>i must seriously disagree with the notion peafowl don't count. more than a

>coupla years ago i was driving in western nevada (near fernly or fallon, as

>i recall it) when i looked up and saw a huge bird in a tree alongside the

>highway. in those days we clipped along pretty good in the back country,

>so it took awhile to haul the car down to a speed such that driving and

>looking in the rear view mirror could be done at the same time. whatever

>that bird was, it was big! it was the wrong time of year for a passage

>eagle, but that was the only bird that came to mind, so we turned around

>and went back to see. sure enough it was a peacock perched in a tree not

>too far from a farmhouse. turned out they had a half dozen of the things

>around the yard. so we added it to our lists and went on to carson city.




>dave templeton

>fall city, wa




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> > Hey Tweets,

> > Birding offers great and memorable moments--like getting a a glimpse of

> > the

> > shockingly, bright raised crest of a Golden-crowned Kinglet. This

> > morning

> > at Robin Hill County Park along with the scent of autumn leaves, I had


> > step carefully to avoid banana slugs. One of the first birds to pop out

> > was

> > a Fox Sparrow. Then a Brown Creeper made its way up a tree. A short

> > distance later, more Fox Sparrows--one sat in view for a few minutes.

> > Other

> > notables: Spotted Towhee, Song Sparrow, Winter Wren and Red-breasted

> > Nuthatch.

> >

> > I know this doesn't count, but I had never seen one before--a pure white

> > Peacock! It's on the property (along with geese, alpacas and chickens)

> > that

> > abuts Robin Hill just beyond the Wetland near Locater Post 12. So much

> > for

> > exotics.

> >

> > Clovis Ache

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