[Tweeters] Binocular Advice

Mason Flint masonflint at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 16 08:20:03 PDT 2006

I'm finally ready to splurge for a new pair of nice binoculars and would be interested in any advice tweeters people may have. I've already done a decent amount of research and tried out several pairs but it never hurts to get a fresh perspective. I'm interested in opinions on pros/cons for different magnifications (7X, 8X, 10X) and field of view as well as preferred brands and models. I have a scope so I don't need to rely on stronger power bino's for everything. That said, if people have good reasons for liking 10X power for everyday use I'm all ears. It has been many years since I've used 10X power bino's. I'm partial to the Swarovski 8.5 X 42 EL's but I've heard/read that the Zeiss 8x42 FL T have the best overall image quality (haven't tried them yet). I don't have glasses so I don't need to worry about related problems with eye relief. Thanks in advance for any advice.Mason FlintSnoqualmie, WA
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