[Tweeters] Great birding quiz (German)

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Well, I stuck my neck out and played this game - and got them all right! But I havve to admit, I guessed on 3 of them. It came down to which of 2, just like exams in school. I also got a chance to refresh my memory with the German names for their common birds.

Phil Hotlen
Bellingham, WA
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From: greenjaytay at comcast.net
> Hi Tweeters,
> I've been having great fun with this quiz lately. If you're looking for practice 
> on European bird identification I think you might like this one.
> Enjoy, all!
> http://www.bavarianbirds.de/what/cbirding_e.html
> Tayler Brooks
> Brier, WA
> greenjaytay at comcast.net
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