[Tweeters] where do they go?

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I was out at Dempsey Creek chasing frogs and was really impressed by the large, mixed flock of passerines in this really big patch of Canada thistle in a cow pasture that has recently had the cows taken off. It appeared to be Savannah Sparrows, Golden-crowned Sparrows, Goldfinches, and, perhaps, some White-crowned Sparrows (I saw what I thought were a couple of juvenile White-crowns). 

Kelly McAllister
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  Today my yard was empty of birds, except for the omnipresent Steller's Jays, the occasional flicker and hummingbird, and a solitary Rock Pigeon. I never saw a chickadee or nuthatch or House Finch come to the sunflower seeds, nor a towhee or Song Sparrow at the millet, sights that have been frequent during this month. I would have thought that on a cool, wet day like today they would need these quick and easy sources of food even more than during the summer, but the drop-off in activity was shocking.

  Has anyone else noticed this today or at other times? Or did I just have a Sharp-shinned Hawk perched on my roof all day?


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