[Tweeters] Need help buying my first scope, and hello carenp

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Scopes: The angle eyepiece is less intuitive as far as zeroing in quickly
on a target and is more exposed to rain. The main reason for choosing an
angle eyepiece is that people of varying heights can use the same scope
without adjusting it up or down. The straight-through eyepiece is probably
better if you don't plan to share views. However, with the angle eyepiece,
I can share views with my wife and others in the group without adjustment.
Also, the angle eyepiece is better for viewing something up high because
you're looking down while the scope is pointed up. Try that with a
straight-through eyepiece.
Gene Bullock
Poulsbo WA

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> So, I've decided it's time to buy a spotting scope, but I'm still young

> and poor, so I need some advice. Just from internet window shopping, I'm

> interested in the Celestron Ultima 80 20-60 x 80 straight spotting scope,

> or its 45 degree equivalent, or the Bushnell Trophy 20-60x65 Waterproof

> Spotting Scope, both available from Amazon.com. If you have any

> experience with these models or brands, or advice about a better entry

> level one, please let me know. Plus, what's better, 45 degrees or a

> straight through scope? These models are under $200, which is my main

> criteria, but I'd also like something durable, because I do a lot of

> hiking, and theoretically would take my scope with me on some hikes. I'm

> in school on the east coast right now, so the scope's gotta be able to

> travel. If either of these two models is cheap or flimsy, I might as well

> do without and save my money for a few years. I don't have the money for

> truly nice optics, but I'm looking for something entry level that I could

> keep for a few years. I'm definitely a beginning birder, but I'm

> confident I'll stay hooked.


> Caren, this is dave from the jetty island staff, and I was also wondering

> what you decided about that accipter in August. I left work almost the

> day after we last talked, and didn't join tweeters 'til yesterday, so I'm

> not sure what the consensus was.


> thanks,


> Dave Freeburg



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