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Pjgumbo at aol.com Pjgumbo at aol.com
Sat Sep 23 22:43:51 PDT 2006

Great lurking here these days. Thanks, you-all. That booby-opera was

Semi-wish I lived closer to Ridgefield/Battle Ground or was compelled by
work to pass by with some frequency. Or any number of other locales that have
sounded productive lately. And I drool over the daily Entiat Ridge reports.
Maybe next year I can make time to check in on the research there.
Fascinating stuff.

But dual call of work and housepainting limit my adventures right now. We
took a break today to restock birdseed and suet, trying to preserve our
established avian relationships.

For the day then, from ladder and other painting locales, observations
(limited both by my inexperience, immobility, and often looking into the sun)
included raptor similar to one observed multiple times overhead in last month and
once on utility pole and likely a young redtail, this time being harried by
crows; abundant Northern Flickers, which have been prevalent this summer
almost to the point of being pests as they flush smaller birds; more Stellar's
Jays than I recall anytime recently, via visuals and vocals; un-ID'd hummer; BC
and CB chickadees, happy to exchange conversation with me at feeder; House
Finches; and lots of PBBs. No TVs, ospreys, or eagles today, although all pass
overhead at times. For that matter, no GBHs, at times common in the

Back to the ladder tomorrow.

paul johanson
_pjgumbo at aol.com_ (mailto:pjgumbo at aol.com)
North Beach (N. Ballard)

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