[Tweeters] Sequim, Ruff and Franklin's Gull

Bob Norton norton36 at olypen.com
Sat Sep 23 20:50:39 PDT 2006

    Well not as much today.
    Judy and I did have one immature Franklin's Gull at the south parking
lot at John Wayne Marina about midtide but none at Blyn.
    We missed the Ruff(s) at Helen's Pond but just barely. We had given up
close to sunset but Paulette Ache was still looking. We said we were going
to try the brackish pond east of 3 Crabs on the way home. Nothing at the
brackish pond except LB Dowitchers and ducks and Igor F. had been looking
for a long time. Paulette drove up and said there was a Ruff at Helen's
Pond. We rushed back only to see Paulette looking at it flying away.
    Helen's Pond is just a 100 yards east of 3 Crabs on the south of 3 Crabs
Road. It used to called the Horse Ponds but the owner has put a Helen's Pond
sign on it and urged the county to put in a small parking lot beside it.
Also there are no horses now in the field.
Bob Norton
norton36 at olypen.com
Joyce (near Port Angeles), WA

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