[Tweeters] Help with ID please!

Louise Rutter louise.rutter at eelpi.gotdns.org
Tue Apr 3 16:39:11 PDT 2007

Apologies from the ignorant British birder, but I found a bird at
Montlake Fill this morning which I couldn't identify at the time, and
I'm having no more luck at home with the photos. Not many birds are dark
all over, so you'd think I'd have a fairly short list to choose from,
but I just can't match it up! None of the flycatchers are dark all the
way underneath. The closest general look I can find in the books is an
immature gray jay, but the head on this bird doesn't seem dark enough.

It was slightly longer than the starlings in the same tree, with its
longer tail. It sometimes wagged its tail up and down, and it fanned it
wide like a blackbird when it sang. 

I've put up a few photos from various angles here:


Other than me scratching my head, it was a glorious morning at the Fill,
with birdsong flooding the air in the sunshine. The birds were mostly
the routine sightings, but I managed to actually set eyes on a virginia
rail for the first time this year, and even got one almost-passable

Many thanks in advance for any info.

Louise Rutter

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