[Tweeters] Barnacle Geese - NO

Lynn Schulz linusq at worldnet.att.net
Tue Apr 3 20:24:00 PDT 2007

Hi Tweets:
We tried for the Barnacle Geese today, Tue, Apr 3 on Brady Loop, but missed
seeing them. Patti
Coolsen and I got to Brady Loop at 9:30am and traveled the
entire loop including driving up and back on Foster Rd. There were some
Greater Yellowlegs, one Vulture, some sparrows including Wht-crowned,
Golden-crowned, Fox, and Song, and about 10 Blk-bellied Plovers. A good
assortment of ducks, and a few Canada Geese were in the area.
Midday, we went out to Bowerman Basin, and had an enjoyable time walking the
boardwalk. We met Tim O'Brien, the guy who originally reported the Barn.
Geese. He had not seen the geese that morning either. The Bowerman Basin
walk was enjoyable. Tim says there is a Peregrine in the area. We did not
see it, but heard quite a few (maybe 10) Virginia Rails, saw and heard 10-12
Yellow-rumped Warblers, Myrtle race, and watched a couple of large Dunlin
Flocks fly and then perch out on the sand island. Two Black-tailed Deer, a
doe and a large young deer were out near the end in the woods there.
Driving back through Aberdeen was pretty bad, as one of the two bridges out
of town is completely blocked off due to construction of some sort. That
means all the traffic going thru downtown Aberdeen had to merge down to one
lane to get over the bridge. We left Bowerman at 3:05pm and didn't get
through Aberdeen until 3:55. My advice, don't go over that bridge in the
afternoon with all the big trucks. I guess this project started yesterday.
I don't know how long it will last.
We arrived back at Brady Loop at 4:30, and went down Foster Rd, before
completing Brady Loop to the east. We found a very-large group of Canada
Geese, 20 Greater Yellowlegs, and 15 Wilson's Snipe along Foster Road. Over
on the east side of Br. Loop, there were about 10 Greater Yellowlegs.
Unfortunately, we did not find the two Barnacle Geese; but we had a nice day
of birding anyway.
Yours, Carol Schulz, Des Moines, linusq at att.net

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