[Tweeters] Some interesting sightings at Ridgefield NWR

Roger Windemuth roger at windemuths.com
Fri Apr 6 20:24:08 PDT 2007

Some of the more interesting sightings at the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge
over the last couple of days are:

Redhead (1)
Canvasback (4)
Lesser Scaup (12+)
White-crowned Sparrow
Common Yellowthroat (firsts of the season)
Yellow-headed Blackbird (firsts of the season)
Swamp Sparrow
Osprey (firsts of the season)
Brown-headed Cowbird (firsts of the season)
Orange-crowned Warbler
Western Wood Pewee (as reported)
Dunlin (24+)
Greater & Lesser Yellowlegs
Sora & Virginia Rail (both heard)

Also, for those who might want to see the Great Horned Owl nest with young
(2), follow the auto tour past the Hunter's Gate about 500 ft.  Look left to
the far line of trees and the nest will be apparent.  Although you may see
the young with binoculars, a scope would be optimum. The young ones are
getting bigger and will not be in the nest too much longer.

Roger Windemuth, Volunteer
Roger at Windemuths.com

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