[Tweeters] 4/6/2007 Battle Ground birds - nothing rare

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I was, again, yard birding this morning and was shocked to look over to
the pond about 100 yards from the deck and see two American Bitterns
flying together!  They circled the pond once and decided it wasn't for
them and moved on.  About 20 minutes later, I looked over again and a
single American Bittern flew in and landed in the pond.  I could see it
through the low bushes surrounding the pond as it went into "I'm a reed
and you can't see me" pose.  The Greater Yellowlegs was joined by five
more very vocal ones.  Two Evening Grosbeaks flew over and an adult Bald
Eagle scattered the birds in the pond with a low pass mid morning.  I
never saw the Bittern again.  There's till quite a few singing Savannah
Sparrows in the open grassy areas in the development and a Western
Meadowlark and at least three Cliff Swallows.  A Wilson's Snipe was
winnowing nearby for the first I've heard in the neighborhood this


Get Out There and Bird!


Jim Danzenbaker | Naturalist Manager



Battle Ground

Clark County, WA



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