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Hi Tweeties,


While standing in line at the grocery store last week I was thumbing through
the National Inquirer and found a bittersweet story about a little boy and a


The little boy rescued a baby magpie that had fallen from its nest.  He and
his family raised it to adulthood and it eventually flew away.  The bird had
a red spot on its beak and before it flew off it would ride around on the
boy’s shoulder like a parrot and was his constant companion.  Some time
after the bird flew away the boy died of an asthma attack.  While visiting
her son’s grave, the grieving mother was surprised when a magpie flew down
and landed on the boy’s grave marker and then hopped onto her shoulder. The
bird had a distinctive red spot on its beak.  


Did anybody else see that story?  This is another one of those stories of
remarkable relationships corvids form with humans and other species.
Anybody remember the story of the crow that adopted and fed an orphaned
kitten back in the 1990s?  Or the story of Screech the magpie that was
raised by humans, but after leaving home to find a mate, returned to a tree
near the human family’s house to raise its magpie family?  Didn’t someone
here in Tweeters have Steller’s Jays bring gifts to the back door of a
family that had left the bird’s treats?


Corvids are pretty incredible birds! 


Lydia Bishop

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