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monte merrick montemerrick at speakeasy.net
Wed Apr 11 09:21:43 PDT 2007

the 10th of april

on a bicycle ride to the islander  to get cream my parnter and i saw 
and watched

1 townsend's solitaire
1 turkey vulture (first of the year for us)
4 long-tailed ducks
20 or more surf scoters
2 crows
5 rock pigeons
1 great blue heron	
2 common goldeneye
9 bufflehead
12 (more or less) glaucous-winged gulls
2 northern rough winged swallows
4 brant's cormorants
1 red-necked grebe
3 bald eagles (engaged in rather serious conversastion)
1 purple finch
many  robins, starlings
red-winged blackbirds
dark eyed junco
and river otter crossing north nugent road to get to the other side 
(the water)

the townsemd's solitaire was around all day, as well as another up on 
the hill back of our house. many minutes spent watching closely - could 
see a sort of grey on grey patterning among the breast feathers, as a 
typical thrush, only so much more subtle  - carries the high lonesome 
forest wherevere he or she goes - je suis un solitaire

monte merrick
lummi island washington
montemerrick at speakeasy.net
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