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Thu Apr 12 16:06:56 PDT 2007

Today 14 of us enjoyed a productive walk under cool, breezy  conditions.  It 
never did warm up very much, but the wind died down later  in the day when we 
were in the woods.
Highlights included our first NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED and CLIFF SWALLOWS of  
the year and our first CINNAMON TEAL of the year.
There were SWALLOWS everywhere!  The CLIFF SWALLOWS were over the  ponds 
across from the parking lot and the NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOWS were  seen out 
near McAllister Creek and later over the pond behind the visitor  center. 
The CINNAMON TEAL were seen in the pond on the right on the way out to  
McAllister Creek and again from the viewing platform at the twin barns.  We  also 
had a pair of EURASIAN WIGEON behind the twin barns.  We also watched  a couple 
of large flocks of CANADA and CACKLING GEESE fly in with the two SNOW  GEESE 
in their midst.
The adult GREAT HORNED OWL was seen from the boardwalk near the twin barns  
turn off and the juvenile owl was in the same area.  The juvenile is  showing 
quite a bit of adult feathers and is loosing its downy grayness.   It appears 
it will be able to leave the nesting area pretty soon.  The  trees leafing out 
are already making it a problem to see the owls.
There was a SORA that put on quite a show at the visitor center just before  
we finished our walk and someone reported a large flock of BRANT out near Luhr 
 Beach.  We did have an ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER in with some of the many  
YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS and there were lots of COMMON YELLOWTHROAT in the marsh  
All told we had 60 species for the day with 3 new for the year.
No mammals were seen today, except lots of walkers and school  children.
Until next week....  

Phil  Kelley
Lacey, WA
scrubjay323 at aol.com

" We were few  and they were many. Now we are many and they are  few"

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