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Good news; The Great-tailed Grackle has returned to Liberty Lake for five years in a row now. Brian Miller reported seeing it at the corner of Molter and Valleyway this morning on his way to work. It arrived with Brewer's Blackbirds that it obviously travels with. Following are my notes from last year for those who wish to see the grackle. Ron Dexter

A number of people have asked me for more specific location info on this Great-tailed Grackle. I heard it again yesterday while playing golf in the City of Liberty Lake which is located about 15 miles East of Spokane, Wa. Take the Liberty Lake exit from I-90. Go south to the next intersection, turn left at the light and go to the stop sign at Molter Rd. Turn Right to the next intersection which is Valleyway. Read below for more details.  If you don't find it right away, you may want to go east on Valleyway a couple miles to the parking area at the back side of the lake where there is a marshy area to bird and also a trail that winds up the hill.  Try again for the Grackle on your way back.  The last two years, the Grackle could be found through May. I believe that when the Brewer Blackbird babies fledge, the adults take them to the lake or surrounding hillsides to forage. I believe the Grackle follows them because he hangs out with them all the time and arrived the same time a couple weeks ago.     Good luck.  Ron Dexter,, Spokane, Wa.  Ronpatdexter at msn.com   

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On my way to golf this morning, I found the Great-tailed Grackle and was able to get one decent photo from my car. Remember this is only the 4th GTGR ever seen in Washington State, so this is your chance to see it. Early morning is best, but it stays around the intersection of Valleyway and Molter Rd the majority of the day. If you don't readily see it, listen for it's weird calls. It likes to hide in the thick trees near the corner. Watch for activity by the Brewer's Blackbirds because it stays fairly close to them.   Ron Dexter,, Spokane, Wa.  Ronpatdexter at msn.com   

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