[Tweeters] Otto Jarstad Park, Kitsap County

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considering we had bears in the yard out here in the provinces (fall city) for several weeks a coupla years ago, the idea of only seeing scats and not the bears is actually quite comforting (we have a tacit agreement to leave each other alone).


dave t
fall city


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> Yesterday I visited this park, which you get to on the Old Belfair Hwy,
> which starts near Gorst.  My visit was part of a Great Peninsula
> Conservancy
> outing to the watershed in search of bears/evidence of bears (we saw lots
> of
> evidence in the form of scat, but alas no bears), and it was the first
> time
> I'd been there.
> What a Fabulous place to bird!  The park is near a creek, so it's got a
> riparian area as well as the edge of a mixed deciduous/evergreen forest.
> Unfortunately most of the surrounding area isn't generally accessible, as
> it's part of the Bremerton watershed.  There's a possibility that you
> could
> bird there, if you get permission or aren't worried about getting a
> ticket
> or whatever penalty accrues to trespassers in watersheds.
> Once the spring birds really come in I imagine the park will be crawling
> with birds.  For me it's going to be a destination spot if I don't feel
> like
> going all the way to Theler from B'ton.
> Good birding,
> Mary
> Mary E. Klein
> Bremerton WA
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