[Tweeters] first kingbird

Hill hill at smwireless.net
Wed Apr 18 17:13:26 PDT 2007

This morning at Saddle Mountain NWR a Western Kingbird flew by during a curlew survey. My first kingbird of the year and a little early. Heidi Newsome and Howard Browers also found a new egret rookery along the Hanford Reach, the third breeding colony that I know of in WA and not far from where a small group tried but failed during the flood year of 1997. Also a good location for Sage Sparrow, where they were still singing at noon today, is the road to the top of Saddle Mountain off SR 24. The turnoff is near MP 60, and the location is just north of the canal about 2 miles north of the highway.

My backyard White-crowned Sparrow flock has built to about 15. Unfortunately the Red-winged Blackbirds have bullied their way above 20. Goldfinches peaked around 80 a few days ago.

Yesterday's crane survey indicated most headed out over the weekend. I found fewer than 200. Still about 12,000 Canada/Cackling Geese at Royal Lake and 4 Snow Geese. The County Line Ponds along SR 26 still have plenty of B-n Stilts and Am Avocets, some Dunlin, and many Cinnamon Teal, plus a hungry Peregrine Falcon making them nervous.

Randy Hill

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