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Hello Tweets,

In addition to our species list from FR A2300 we failed to mention that we also heard a distant calling Barred Owl today from the upper portion of that area.


Ruth and Patrick Sullivan

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Hello Tweets,

Today we enjoyed a nice day in the Elma-Brady area,where we located several nice species. We began the day at 7am along Newman Creek Rd.,where we ran into Tim O'Brien,who informed us of 2 Mountain Quail and a Sooty Grouse he observed along FR A2300. After briefly talking with him was ventured uphill into the forested areas above Newman Creek Rd. via FR A2300. The day here began very cloudy,but calm then skies slowly cleared. Upon arriving to a extensive clear-cut area along FR A2300,we located our first of 4 calling SOOTY GROUSE beginning with a nice displaying male atop a ride above the main clear-cut area. An additional bird was a short time later on our descent downhill,where we were allowed only brief views in flight. The 2 additional bird were heard only calling from separate location in more distant forested areas. Additionally, we observed a pair of MOUNTAIN QUAIL foraging in the middle of a forest road in the near distance to the north of FR A2300 followed by a calling bird heard in nearby forested areas. It was great to get these 2 gallinaceous species that we had anticipated seeing in Grays Harbor Co. this spring! We spent the remainder of our visit to this immediate area by taking a further drive uphill along FR A2300,then by spending time atop several tree stumps listening and scanning the forest below until 8:30am. The following additional highlights included:

3 Turkey Vultures
1 Northern Harrier
2 Sharp-shinned Hawks
2 LEAST SANDPIPERS(observed and heard calling overhead,as they flew northward)
5 Band-tailed Pigeons
2 Vaux's Swifts
2 Red-breasted Sapsuckers
1 Pileated Woodpecker
1 male Western Bluebird
1 male Varied Thrush
5+ calling Hutton's Vireos
1 Warbling Vireo
2 Northern Rough-winged Swallows
10+ Orange-crowned Warblers
4 Wilson's Warblers
3 Purple Finches
1 Evening Grosbeak

On a quick trip back to Hoquiam we located a flock of 250 Whimbrel foraging in a large,grassy field along the south side of Hwy.12 at MP 9(west of Montesano). A Merlin was present atop a large dead tree along the south side of Hwy.12 near Satsop.

After 10:30am we birded a few lowland areas in the Elma-Brady area beginning along Brady Loop Rd. complex. Our most significant highlights included a breeding plumaged PACIFIC GOLDEN PLOVER observed amongst a small flock of Black-bellied Plovers in a corn stubble field at the south end of Foster Rd. Small numbers of Short-billed Dowitchers and "peeps" were also noted in the immediate area,as well as Green-winged Teal and Northern Shovelers in the limited flooded areas. We were also joined by Wilson Cady on his way home,who also saw the Pacific Golden Plover. A thorough scoping of a wetland area along the north side of Brady Loop Rd.(west of Foster Rd.)produced 2 EURASIAN WIGEON and 1 SOLITARY SANDPIPER as the main highlights along with a few other waterfowl and shorebird species. We also noted a flock of 80+ Greater White-fronted Geese flying over the Brady Loop Rd. area,but didn't note if they ever landed. A flock of 10 Evening Grosbeaks settled near the top of 2 tall Black Cottonwood trees along the west end of Brady Loop Rd. Small numbers of Golden-crowned Sparrows still persist within the Brady Loop Rd. complex,as well as along nearby Schafer Boom Rd.

Our only other highlight of interest was another SOLITARY SANDPIPER for the day observed in wetland area along Hwy.12 east of Elma. A single flyover Green Heron, a pair of Wood Ducks, a single Spotted Sandpiper and a few Western and Least Sandpipers were also noted from this location.

Good birding,

Ruth and Patrick Sullivan
godwit513 at msn.com


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