[Tweeters] Bewick's Wren and the Stokes Cd's

Whitney H ms_whitneyk at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 7 23:46:37 PDT 2007

Hello Tweeters - 

Okay, so after weeks of watching a Bewick's Wren bouncing around between Rhodedendrons and Azaleas and other shrubs around on the first floor below my deck (I live on the third floor), I decided enough was enough.  Being the type to try almost anything once, I grabbed my Stokes Field Guide to Bird Songs (Western Region), looked up which cd and which track would have the Bewick's Wren call.  Upon discovering it was on CD 3, Track 82.... I placed the cd in a small boom box, took it out to my deck and plugged it into an electrical outlet and let 'er rip.

After about two plays of the entire track, what do you think I saw but that elusive little wren hopping frantically from bush to bush, and branch to branch trying to find out where this other wren might be.  It bopped up to the top of the Rhody that was right below my deck, almost second level and then promptly flew up to my neighbors deck railing across the way and kept looking!  

Needless to say, I had my camera ready just in case, but never thought this would really work! I have included links to a couple of the pictures to share!


Whitney H.
Des Moines, WA

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