[Tweeters] rat control

ravenintherain ccorax at blarg.net
Wed Dec 5 14:33:35 PST 2007

Angela Percival wrote:


> And predation probably has as little effect on their numbers as

> trapping or poisoning. How would one keep other native small mammals

> from entering a trap for rats? And why would one trap and poison rats

> and not gray squirrels? Because they have fluffy tails? Feeding

> birds is just a natural attractor for rats and non-native squirrels

> and raccoons and such. Personally, I just try to live and let live

> whenever possible. It will all work out in the wash, in geological

> time.


> Angela


Eliminating only rats with poison and traps without injury to other
creatures is chancy unless you can do it under controlled conditions,
like after they have invaded the house. Over the years I have had both
rats and squirrels in my house. Give me squirrels every time! Rats
explore a structure rapidly and thoroughly and can do a huge amount of
damage in an amazingly short time. My experience with squirrels is that
they mostly want a nesting space and don't wander around so much, though
I hear that they may chew on the wiring as rats do.

I have trapped squirrels with a Havahart trap and released them out in
the suburbs at the home of a friend who maintains a squirrel feeder. If
I ever have to trap rats again I will do it with that type trap but I
don't know anyone who wants rats on their property, so what then?

There seems to be a state of war between humans and rats, probably
because the rats have a lot of intelligence and are almost as greedy as


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