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Wed Dec 5 15:19:29 PST 2007

Dear Tweeters,
So sorry not to mention this from the memorial ,I have not been writing up long stories on tweeters,my concentration of my brain suffered much when I lost all the weight from stress and my surgery,so please forgive me.
A special thank you also for Ken Knittle who also spoke of Patrick when there going birding when Patrick was still working in Fred Myers at nights and birding by day.I probable think this was happy times for Patrick when he birded a lot with Ken,going high elevation where there was no contact for cell phones .Ken was bringing some of this trips up,especial for on occasion there had Boreal Owls.This trips was rough,I believe that there slept on the ground when it was snowing,I was not participating on this trips.But this is why Patrick visit all the different county's and got involved making County list.Thank you Ken and Laurie to coming way from Vancouver and made the trip before there closed I-5. Ken you had a big influence on Patrick and showed Patrick many areas where he never been before.And than open you house to staying overnight going birding around Vancouver. I also missing Partakes article in the WOS and "Washington Birders " The Memorial of Patrick was so special that leave good memories behind for years to come. Thank you all for making this memorial possible.
I am getting nervous now,writing that much,but I feel that I owe you this.
Love Ruth
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