[Tweeters] bird lasers

Martha Jordan swanlady at drizzle.com
Fri Dec 14 16:07:10 PST 2007

There are likely several types of lasers used for avian diversion.
There is one currently being used to help haze swans off Judson Lake at the
border. The hazing is prevent the swans from getting poisoned from the lead
shot that is readily accessible when they feed at this site.
The device looks like a handgun, uses a key to turn it on. It is very
powerful with a beam that travels for hundreds of feet or more and produces
a spot about the size of a quarter. It is NOT used directly on the birds.
The beam is shined onto the water surface and wiggled/danced around toward
the birds. The swans get nervous and take off. Perhaps they think it is a
It is only used at night. Obviously damage could be done if the beam were
to be shined into the eyes of any living thing. However, great care is
taken and the device works very well.

Martha Jordan

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