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Sat Dec 15 11:22:05 PST 2007

Dear Tweeters; In 2-3 days I will post my Accipiter Alert.
I have been a firm believer, for many years, that Christmas Bird Counts,
spring migration counts, and typical birding trips, are gathering unscientific
and inaccurate data- relating to Goshawks. In other words, NO data! When
birders learn the art- science of hawk-watching; then you will see a marked
increase in the number of sightings of Goshawks, and a decrease in the number of
unidentified accipiters. In other words, as it stands now, some Goshawks are
treated as Cooper's or S.s. Hawks. Also, some unidentified accipiters are
Northern Goshawks. Yet, once a birder considers my Accipiter Alert; then the
number of unidentified accipiters will increase (possibly dramatically). And
this depends on the experience of the birder relating to accipiters. Once the
birder (not the hawk-watcher) take into consideration " Goshawks with expressed
recessive genes", and when these types of Goshawks become more numerous,
then there certainly will be a lack of confidence and confusion when observing
accipiters. And this leads directly into the difference of a hawk-watcher
compared to a birder. In other words, any birder who uses field marks to identify
raptors is working under a handicap. The Best - Nelson Briefer
_Ebriefer at aol.com_ (mailto:Ebriefer at aol.com) - Tucson and Anacortes

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