[Tweeters] RE: Annas Overwintering

Cynthia Boyce Cynthia.Boyce at Seattle.Gov
Tue Dec 18 14:14:35 PST 2007

I think I have at least 4 that are visiting my feeder regularly. Two
adult males one juvenile male and at least one female. There is quite a
bit of territorial chasing going on and possibly more since I saw one of
the males and a female sitting next to each other on a branch. They are
very vocal and often dive at me as I leave the house.

Cynthia Boyce
Wallingford, Seattle

>>> "Margaret Parkinson" <margparkie at comcast.net> 12/18/2007 2:07 PM


I have a pair who comes to my feeder about every ten minutes. This has
happened for the last several winters. I thought Anna’s stayed around
here for the winter.

Margaret Parkinson
University District

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I've had one male and two immature males/females at the feeder since
in the Kingsgate area of Kirkland. They seem to be doing very well.
from the consistency of their flight paths, there must be another
of food in the area. The male is "tisking" quite regularly and is
about the feeder. Nice to have a little winter color flashing.

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