[Tweeters] Anna's humms

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Tue Dec 18 15:41:29 PST 2007

Mine come all winter regularly but much less often in the summer. I have
assumed that is because there is more "natural" food available for them in
the warmer weather.

Margaret Parkinson
University District, Seattle

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Hi, Tweets

Ann van der Geld has at least three Anna's coming to her two feeders
all year. This is, I think the second winter, and they are there
every day. She lives in Kenmore. I live in Bothell and if I see one
during the summer I'm doing well. Maybe they don't like solid
evergreens (with a maple thrown in here and there).

Cheers, Diann

Diann MacRae
Olympic Vulture Study
22622 - 53rd Avenue S.E.
Bothell, WA 98021
tvulture at vei.net

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