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johntubbs at comcast.net johntubbs at comcast.net
Tue Dec 18 23:43:39 PST 2007

Hi All,

Marv Breece, Mason Flint and I just got back from a two-day whirlwind trip to the Waterville Plateau and Okanogan Highlands. We will hopefully have a more complete trip report soon, but suffice it to say that it was a big success - despite (in some cases because of) snowy conditions which created interesting driving conditions. Today we found a very large flock of COMMON REDPOLL feeding during a snowstorm, within 10 yards of the road and the car. An image is shown at http://www.tubbsphoto.com/-/tubbsphoto/detail.asp?photoID=5347628&cat=38994. Other notable species included GRAY PARTRIDGE, BOHEMIAN WAXWING, SNOW BUNTING, RED CROSSBILL, WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILL, SHARP-TAILED GROUSE (2 locations), MERLIN, ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK, 2 HARLAN'S RED-TAILED HAWK, AMERICAN TREE SPARROW and 2 GREAT HORNED OWL.

John Tubbs
Snoqualmie, WA
johntubbs at comcast.net

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