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It is my understanding that creepers prefer mature coniferous and conifer-hardwood forests although I am sure there are exceptions. I live in Renton highlands and the ravines behind our home have older denser forest in it with snags that they seem to be happy nesting in. We have had nesting creepers under the flaking bark of an alder snag for over 5 years now so it sounds like your snag would be perfect for them if it is within a "forest" of some type.
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Among the usual suspects: juncos, chickadees, Stellar's jays, etc. - today was the first varied thrush to show up (first on the garage roof). A lone brown creeper worked it's way up the fir and then froze when a furious exodus of birds from the south flew by. (I wondered if there was a raptor creating this flyby.) It stayed in this position for about 10 minutes, lifted it's tail and did his afternoon constitution then continued up the tree...

Does anyone know where they might nest in this area? They visit my yard haphazardly and wonder if I can create a certain habitat for them. The snag in my yard has loose bark which would be suitable for their nest.

A flush of robins visited chowing down on cotoneaster berries. Bushtits, nuthatches, Bewicks wrens, a Towsend's warbler, a couple of male ruby crowned kinglets have been regulars to my homemade suet. And then there's a couple of Anna's amongst my daily visitors. Great to watch the activity while Christmas baking. Maybe it's my bird tree placed in my window seat they are attracted to...just hope it keeps them away from the glass.

Just a feeding frenzy today even though the weather is relatively mild.

Happy Holidays!!

Caryn in Wedgwood
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