[Tweeters] RE: Goshawk Kerfuffle Initiated by "Mr. Nelson Briefer"

Bill Clemons willclemons at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 22 08:44:28 PST 2007

Hawks can fool some birders all the time, and
All birders some of the time, but
HAwks cannot fool all birders all the time.
A. Lincoln Audubon
19th Century

Google "Nelson Briefer" and easily determine that Mr. Nelson Briefer
has run his same "Goshawk are Everywhere" subject on several birding
web posting sites. His commentaries have been disagreed with both
politely and harshly.

After Tweeters fully subsides, Briefer will likely run the same old saw
on some other bird blog.

I do not know the fellow, but his cause will not likely be diminished
by anything any person says, be they expert, newbie, or somewhere in

I'm certainly no expert, and neither, me thinks, is Nelson Breifer.

Bill Clemons
SW of Portland in Mtn Park
Willclemons AT Yahoo dot com

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