[Tweeters] Tenino Yellow-headed Blackbird

Bob Sundstrom ixoreus at scattercreek.com
Sat Dec 22 11:21:55 PST 2007


The past two days, one Yellow-headed Blackbird has been visiting the feeders in our yard east of Tenino (4531 Old Military Rd. SE). Its visits are only occasional, with a large flock (80-100) of Red-winged Blackbirds. It appears very worn, perhaps a first-year male, with faded, brown primaries. I suspect when not here this large flock may be near the marsh where Scatter Ck. crosses Mull St., nearby, or somewhere else in the vicinity along Scatter Ck. It doesn't seem to come to the feeders with the smaller flocks of Red-wings that are in and out of the yard all day.

A textbook-perfect "Slate-colored" Dark-eyed Junco is also an occasional visitor, among scores of other sparrows.

Good Holiday Birding, Bob

Bob Sundstrom
Tenino, Washington
ixoreus at scattercreek.com

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