[Tweeters] Golden crowned kinglet?

Marian Murdoch marianmurdoch at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 22 15:04:01 PST 2007

I'd been looking through Sibley for this little guy
from my yard and couldn't quite put my finger on a
definite ID. Yellow crown, black lateral crown stripe,
dark eye line, white supercilium, white throat and
chest, yellow/greenish yellow scapulars, dark beak,
two white wing bars on tertials (is that what those
are called??). Can't see color of legs. White
auriculars. Thought it was a warbler and spent about
1/2 hour going through warbler pictuers. Then started
going page by page through the darn book. Kinglet!
Doh!! He is a cute little fellow. I just wish I could
plug my brain into a book and let it turn to the page.



Marian Murdoch
Belfair, WA
marianmurdoch at yahoo.com

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