[Tweeters] Swifts anyone?

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A Nov. 15 post.

"I would like to see if I can pull together some Washington State data
on Vaux's Swift roosting spots and numbers.

I know of just three Washington chimneys that are used in September.

Some theater in Enumclaw
The old customs house in Sumas, if it still exists
Wagoner elementary school in Monroe.

It is my hope that I can get a bunch of you to send me your old
sightings. Please include place, date and approximate numbers of
swifts you observed going in to roost.

I'm going to pass this on to Dr Charles Collins down in Long Beach.

Thanks in advance."

I'm gotten some Swift stuff put together, and will now tear myself away
from the riveting Goshawk discussion for a series of posts concerning
these little guys.

Firstly. This is an indicator species of the health of the PNW Forest.
Kind of a tiny, migrating, Spotted Owl.

Secondly. This is a VERY poorly studied species.

Thirdly. We should do something about number two.

Larry Schwitters

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