[Tweeters] Everett-Marysville CBC epilogue

Scott Atkinson scottratkinson at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 23 12:50:18 PST 2007


We had a blustery Dec 15 CBC up in Snohomish Co, and results were decidedly less for total species than we've become accustomed to--we may not quite make it to 120 in fact.

I was walking the paved path that leads south from the just before where you cross the Spencer I bridge in hopes of re-locating the NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH that was heard-only about 75 yds south, but had no luck. On the 15th, the bird responded to "spishing" along the little slough that parallels the paved path, on the right as you head southward. Despite hearing that telltale metallic "spic!" below along the little slough, I could not spot the bird on any of the fallen boughs in/bordering the slough through the tight overhanging weave of blackberries and other thickets, despite the bird calling repeatedly at point-blank (perhaps 15 ft) range! The SWAMP SPARROW near here on count day was more cooperative and could be heard calling further out, in marshier habitat, just as you enter the forested area south of the Spencer bridge. Also of interest this morn were 305 SNOW GEESE and three TRUMPETER SWANS, alll heading southward, from the path.

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