[Tweeters] white likely redwinged blackbird

Martha Jordan swanlady at drizzle.com
Sun Dec 23 18:07:31 PST 2007

We were out swan watching near Arlington yesterday and saw a flock of
red-winged blackbirds/brown headed cowbirds and starlings. There was a
white, likely redwinged blackbird, among them. It has a blackish rusty spot
on its face, otherwise it appeared completely white, top and bottom. To
find it take the Arlington/Silvana exit off I-5, this is SR530, go east.
Take the first road to your right (Smokey Point Blvd (this forms a Y around
a store along SR 530) Go south to 204th St. NE, turn Left. Along this road
almost to the angle turn onto 43rd, is where we saw the flock of birds.
They were near the road and flying around in the corn stuble.
Let me know if anyone else sees the bird. I took some photos, but have
not yet been able to look at them. My camera is not the best for distance.

Martha Jordan

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