[Tweeters] Cassin's Auklet off of Bainbridge Island

Brad Waggoner wagtail at sounddsl.com
Mon Dec 24 15:20:17 PST 2007

Hello Tweets,

The weather and winds finally allowed for a boating bird-check this
morning. Finally!

After investigating Blakely Rock with its Surfbirds (35), Black
Turnstones (40), and Brandt's Cormorants (650), I noticed a small
darkish alcid fly-in and land a couple hundred yards to the east of the
rock. As I approached the landing spot, the alcid (immediately
recognizable as a Cassin's Auklet) took-off and started flying south. I
was able to follow it with my boat and fortunately it landed and allowed
for close inspection (white eye spot visible!).

This was my first Cassin's Auklet in Puget Sound. I have made many
attempts to "coax" rhinos into a Cassin's Auklet (especially those
first-year birds), so it was nice to finally see the real thing.

The northern waters near Jefferson Head had very few birds on this trip.
However, the waters south of Bainbridge Island and west of Blake Island
were quite active with up to 1,000 Common Murres and additional couple
hundred Brandt's Cormorants, and a fair concentration of assorted gulls.
Two Rock Sandpipers were on the fish pens (last year's Black-headed Gull
location). Normally I find them on Blakely Rock. I had no luck finding
Marbled or Ancient Murrelets.

Cheers and good birding,

Brad Waggoner
Bainbridge Island, Washington
mailto:wagtail at sounddsl.com

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