[Tweeters] Unexpected visitors at the bird feeder

Chuck Reinsch creinsch at humbirds.org
Wed Dec 26 07:22:59 PST 2007

Raccoons! For the last 3 months, we have been retrieving our hummingbird
feeders after sunset, and putting them back up a sunrise, because the
raccoons developed a liking for the sugar water and would suck them dry
every night.

chuck reinsch, magnolia, seattle, washington, creinsch at humbirds.org

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I was up before the sun this morning and enjoyed my coffee in front of my
bay window while I watched the Stellar Jays, Spotted Towhee, Oregon
Junco, flocks of chickadees, and one song sparrow that habitually visit
my feeder.

But about 3 pm, the snow began (and continues even now), and a little
after seven, my power went off. Sitting in the dark a few minutes
later, I heard noises around the feeder (which is an old, heavy
birdbath) and went to the window to discover that three large raccoons
had tipped it over and were finishing up the birdseed!

Darlene Sybert
Cinebar WA
drsybert at northtown.org
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