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* Oregon
* Portland
* December 27, 2007
* ORPO0712.27

- birds mentioned

Gr. White-fronted Goose
Emperor Goose
Ross¹s Goose
Trumpeter Swan
Red-breasted Merganser
Swainson¹s Hawk
Prairie Falcon
Black Phoebe
Mountain Bluebird
Sage Thrasher
Cedar Waxwing
American Tree Sparrow
Pine Siskin

- transcript

hotline: Portland Oregon Audubon RBA (weekly)
number: 503-292-6855
To report: Harry Nehls 503-233-3976 <hnehls at teleport.com>
compiler: Harry Nehls
coverage: entire state

Hello, this is the Audubon Society of Portland Rare Bird Report. This report
was made Thursday December 27. If you have anything to add call Harry Nehls
at 503-233-3976.

The well marked ARCTIC LOON continues to be seen on Blind Slough at
Brownsmead east of Astoria. A BLACK PHOEBE and a flock of WHITE-FRONTED
GEESE are also in the area.

Flocks of CEDAR WAXWINGS and PINE SISKINS are now moving into the Willamette

The AMERICAN TREE SPARROW is still being seen on the North Spit of Coos Bay.
The EMPEROR GOOSE continues at Deans Creek east of Reedsport. On December 20
a dead EMPEROR GOOSE was at Hammond.

A family of TRUMPETER SWANS and a flock of WHITE-FRONTED GEESE were at
Ridgefield NWR December 21. That day two RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS were at
Vancouver Lake. On December 26 a MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD Frenchmans Bar near
Vancouver Lake. On December 21 a PRAIRIE FALCON was near Roy north of Forest
Grove. A ROSS¹S GOOSE is now being seen in the Forest Grove-Hillsboro area.
A SWAINSON¹S HAWK was seen December 23 near Tangent

A probable SAGE THRASHER was seen December 19 near Condon.

That¹s it for this week.

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