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Thu Dec 27 14:43:41 PST 2007


Today six of us braved the elements and walked Nisqually. Actually the
weather wasn't that bad. Sure it was cold and we had drizzle and rain, but it
wasn't freezing rain or snow. Unfortunately it seemed the birds thought the
worst. It was pretty quiet.

Highlights included an AMERICAN KESTRAL seen from the twin barns viewing
platform and eight TRUMPETER SWANS across the Nisqually River from near the
Nisqually River overlook.

There didn't seem to be many waterfowl about, but that may be due to the
amount of water for them to roost on. We had the usual suspects but not much
else. We did see COMMON GOLDENEYE and COMMON MERGANSERS on the Nisqually River.

We also saw a small flock of DUNLIN and a WILSON'S SNIPE in the ponds on the
way out to McAllister Creek.

Nothing to note in the way of passerines except to say we didn't see many of
any one species, although we did see a couple of flocks of PINE SISKIN, the
most we've seen this fall.

All told we saw 43 species with nothing new for the year. We saw a total of
152 species this year, the most we've seen in any of the past four years.

Mammals seen included HARBOR SEAL and CALIFORNIA SEA LION in the Nisqually
River, and a MINK that scurried across the trail on the way out to the ring

Until next year.....

Phil Kelley
Lacey, WA
scrubjay323 at aol.com

" We were few and they were many. Now we are many and they are few"

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