[Tweeters] RE: Is it legal to kill crows?

Scott Downes downess at charter.net
Thu Dec 27 21:19:13 PST 2007

Every person has their own opinions on what is right and wrong, but can we
please leave conjecture like how "wrong" or "cowardly" killing is? Again as
I've posted before I'm speaking as a conservationist and a biologist, but
the latest poster mentioned hunting as cowardly or that it pains people to
see a bird shot. Do I enjoy seeing it, of course not. Do I hunt? Actually
no, because I couldn't bring myself to shoot a bird, however please don't
call names to hunters. Here is a brutal reality. I may get flamed, but it
needs to be said. Humans have altered the environment so badly that there
are no longer natural control methods in place. If there wasn't a hunting
season for ducks, geese, deer etc.. then these populations would expand to
eventually destroying their habitat by overgrazing and then these animals
would starve. Please before anyone remarks on how wrong something ask
yourself this: would you rather an animal be shot and a relatively quick
death or many animals starve a very slow death and affect the environment
greatly by destroying it because they are exceeding their role due to lack
of predation. I am not pro or anti-hunting, but hunting is a useful wildlife
management tool to keep populations of animals healthy since we've removed
many of the predators already. As I've stated before in posts, to not manage
is actually managing.
Many birds are beautiful, but I ask everyone to remain objective. Fact is
all animals eventually die one way or another. While they are not a natural
predator, the fact is humans are a necessary predator in today's environment
(since humans have removed many of the natural predators). All predators
kill things, and to be an effective predator you must "hide cowardly" to
stalk your prey. If people really care about all animals, can they try to
see these points instead of being delusional that nothing ever gets killed?
Finally many people choose to view as to opposite sides, bird lovers vs.
hunters. It might surprise people to know that quite a few biologists and
birders are hunters and I know personally that they love wildlife and birds
just as much as those that don't hunt. Yes there are hunters who don't care
about birds at all, but please don't lump somebody into this callous
category simply because they see hunting as a viable management tool. Those
that are grouping hunters into the category of "how could a human do that"
would be good to remember that we are actually all on the same page as far
as trying to conserve nature. Rather than dividing ourselves, lets see
common ground and pool resources to fight forces much more of a threat to
wildlife like development and loss of habitat.

Thanks for listening.

Scott Downes
downess at charter.net
Yakima WA

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