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geraldham at comcast.net geraldham at comcast.net
Mon Dec 31 23:55:23 PST 2007

......Yesterday afternoon, while watching on my front porch one of several snow showers pass through, I watched 6 red-orange VARIED THRUSHES pecking around on the ground on my lawn and the next door's neighbors yard. They then flew across the street and up into some fir trees.
.....Though these species are not uncommon winter residents of SW Washington., these forest --wetland lovers are most rare in the more open spaces around our manuf. housing community.---a thrill ro see when they do show up. The heavily forested wetlands of Salmon Creek just north of us are probably their more usual habitat.

.....Cheers---Happy New Year....Gerald Hamilton
Brush Prairie, Wash.
geraldham at comcast.net

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