[Tweeters] River otters

Alex Meilleur alexskichambe at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 3 21:51:11 PST 2007

Dear everyone who responded about River otters,
Thanks a lot to all of you who provided such neat input on Lake Washington and Puget Sound area otters. It's encouraging to see such a charismatic species like this apparently increasing in our part of the world. When I left Seattle 25 years ago, my sense was they were rare then and declining. Before coming back to the region a couple of years ago, I lived for many years in Europe and it was sad to find otters widely extirpated there.
By the way, this is Brien writing; Alex is my son. We use the same email address for tweeters. Thanks again.
Brien Meilleur
alexskichambe at hotmail.com
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