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Wed Feb 14 13:34:32 PST 2007

Greetings All
Somehow, my initial email was misunderstood.
Viewing just the poor quality pics of the S Platte bird (no insult to photographer, you get what the bird gives you), I suggested Shoveler x WC Pintail.
Any Gadwall like pattern was hard for me to discern from these photos.
In any case, I do not see how a large bill would favor Shoveler x Gadwall over Shoveler x WC Pintail
Now, the 2nd bird in question looks very much like a Gadwall x Shoveler; it seems quite similar to the S Platte bird, perhaps differing only  in bill color. 
Given that, I'd suspect the S Platte bird is indeed a Gadwall x Shoveler.
My reference to WC Pintail x Gadwall related to a bird many years ago at the Everett Sewage Ponds at a time a few other escapes appeared. 
And clearly, and WC Pintail x ??? or pure WC Pintail in WA is an escapee. 
For that matter, a WC Pintail x almost anything in the USA is probably an escapee.
Steven Mlodinow
Everett WA
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