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The Washington BirdBox is a voice mailbox sponsored by the Washington 
Ornithological Society. To leave a message about a notable sighting, or to 
listen to recent reports from other birders, call (206) 281-9172 and follow 
the prompts.  Report operational problems to Rachel Lawson  system 
administrator;  she can be reached at rachelwl at msn.com or (206) 282-5593.   
Please address any corrections (such as errors in place names or observers) 
to the transcriber, Doug Watkins, e-mail and phone # as indicated below.

Thursday February 8th, 10:29pm.  This is Wayne Weber calling from Delta BC, 
phone number (604) 597-7201.  First report is second hand for February 7th; the 
WHOOPER SWAN was seen by Barry Ulman,  East of I-5 and Conway, but North of 
Exit 225 (Conway exit) and South of the Alpaca Farm.  It was in with about 100 
Tundra Swans, essentially where it has previously been reported. Another 
report ( Wayne Weber also) from the Blaine and Semiahmoo Resort area;  did not 
relocate the King Eider and it has not been reported since January 26th, however,  
I did have 5 EARED GREBES in Drayton HArbor and I also saw the SNOWY OWL in 
Blaine, across on the otherside of the harbor entrance sitting on top of a fish 
processing plant.  Thats it, good birding!

Doug Watkins
dougnpip at aol.com
Bainbridge Is. Wa.
(206) 780-0267

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