[Tweeters] Need Wenas photos

Michael Hobbs birdmarymoor at verizon.net
Tue Feb 27 18:58:20 PST 2007

Tweets - I'm working on setting up a website about the annual Wenas Audubon campout (Memorial Day Weekend, May 25-28, 2007).

I'd love to have some photos to post to the site. Of particular interest would be:
a.. Scenes of the campground
b.. A shot or two of the "Larrison Tree"
c.. Pictures of the "campfire" (which doesn't always have a fire)
d.. Photos of field trips with people birding
e.. Photos of the signature field trip destinations (i.e. Hardy Canyon, Black Canyon, Manastash Ridge, Wenas Lake, Bald Mountain, etc.)
f.. Photos of the signature birds, taken there: White-headed Woodpecker, Veery, Nashville Warbler, Yellow-breasted Chat, Caliope Hummingbird, etc., etc, etc.
If you have some photos you'd be willing to share, please email them to me.

Thanks so much.

== Michael Hobbs
== Kirkland, WA
== http://www.marymoor.org/birding.htm
== birdmarymoor at verizon.net

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