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Monday, 12-24, 11:20PM. This is Rachel Lawson, Birdbox System Administrator,
with a couple of updates. The BLACK-HEADED GULL on Bainbridge Island was
still present today 12-24. This bird can be seen from the end of Fort Ward
Hill Road on the south end of the island. The LONG-BILLED MURRELET and the
THICK-BILLED MURRE were also reported again today from Point No Point.
That's it good birding.

Tuesday, 12-25, 12:54PM. Hi. My name is Gary Sogard. For those birding in
Pierce County, at around 11:30 this morning, I found a LONG-TAILED DUCK. The
Chambers Creek Lagoon near the spillway with a large flock of assorted
ducks. That's about it. Good luck.

Tuesday, 12-25, 2:12PM. Hi. This is Steven Mlodinow. It's about 2 o'clock
Christmas Day. There's a WHOOPER SWAN and an EMPEROR GOOSE here, Take state
route 9 south from Snohomish, at the first steep hill on your right there
are 100's of swans. A pretty classic bird in with a bunch of TRUMPETERS and
a few TUNDRA. Be careful pulling off the road here, police have gotten a
little persnickety, the pulloffs are pretty huge. Good luck and good

Tuesday, 12-25, 2:24PM. This is Kevin Aanerud (206) 923-6195. I'm passing on
the information that today Steve Mlodinow found a WHOOPER SWAN in the field
south of Snohomish off of Highway 9. This is the same area where anEMPEROR
GOOSE was reported. So, I'm just passing the information along so we can out
the news quickly.

Wednesday, 12-26, 10:31AM. Hi. This is (------? -------?). I saw the WHOOPER
SWAN south of Snohomish this morning. It was with the swans just north of
Marsh Road and then it flew a little southeast right away. I couldn't find
it at Heerman Park or with the other swans just south of there on Elliott
Road. But, it's still in the area. Good luck.

Wednesday, 12-26, 11:43AM. Good morning. This is Brian Bell. (425)
485-8058. This morning the KING EIDER was still present at the Semiahmoo
Spit Marina. It was mostly hanging out around the southwest dock on both the
eastern and western sides of it. Fairly distant part of the time but
cruising along the edges and doing lots of feeding. You may have to watch
for awhile if it has gotten out of sight but ..... Good birding.

Wednesday, 12-26, 11:57AM. Hi. This is Charlie Wright. This morning we've
been looking for the WHOOPER SWAN and we finally located it. Actually Rachel
Lawson first saw it on Elliott Road. From the intersection of Conley Road
and Elliott you go east and it's the first field on the left, there's a side
road you can pull off on. There were a lot of swans in there. The WHOOPER
was pretty obvious. Also earlier this morning, the EMPEROR GOOSE was with
about 14 WHITE-FRONTED GEESE just north of Marsh Road. And that will be
about it.Good Luck and good birding.

Thursday, 12-27, 9:58AM. This is Rachel Lawson, Birdbox System
Administrator, with an update on the WHOOPER SWAN south of Snohomish. The
swan was seen this morning in a field north of Marsh Road. The EMPEROR GOOSE
also was seen in the same field. The swan moved around quite a bit yesterday
so if you don't see it on Marsh Road cheeck the swan flocks on both sides of
Highway 9. That's it. Good birding.

Thursday, 12-27, 7:27PM. Hi. This is Denny Grandstand. I found the WHOOPER
SWAN and the EMPEROR GOOSE in the field along Elliott Road south of Conley
Road at about 4:10 this afternoon. The goose stayed in the company of 6 or 7
flying wore or less to the north, so it should still be in the area. Thank

Friday, 12-28, 6:15PM. This is Rachel Lawson, Birdbox System Administrator,
with an update on the WHOOPER SWAN. The swan was seen today in the usual
location on Highway 9 just south of Marsh Road, The EMPEROR GOOSE is still
present. That's it. Good birding.

Friday, 12-28, 11:09PM. This is Rachel Lawson, Birdbox System Administrator,
with a couple more updates. The BLACK-HEADED GULL was still present on
Bainbridge Island today and the KING EIDER is still present in Blaine. The
directions to these birds are in some of the following messages. That's it.
Good birding.

Saturday, 12-29, 9:05AM. Good morning. This is Brian Bell (425) 485-8058.
Its about one minute before 9 on Friday the 29th. We have relocated the
WHOOPER SWAN this morning. It is in this location west of state route 9
about 1/2 a mile south of Marsh Road. It's in with about 150 TRUMPETER and
TUNDRA SWANS. Calm weather, pretty good views although rather distant at the
moment. If you come out, please be very careful of how far off the road you
pull. Thanks and good birding!

Sunday, 12-30, 10:17AM. Hi. This is Ned McGerry (?) reporting for Gina
Sheridan and her party at Point No Point. On Saturday morning around 8:30
both the THICK-BILLED MURRE and the LONG-BILLED MURRELET had been seen. So,
they are still around.

Sunday, 12-30, 12;34PM. Hello. This is Brad Wagoneer reporting in on the
WHOOPER SWAN. It is present today in the field about a mile south of Marsh
Road along Highway 9, I think it is. The EMPEROR GOOSE is also out there. So
good luck and good birding!

Sunday, 12-30, 2:25PM, This is Michael Fleming (206) 297-3234. Today at 1:30
??? and I had the KING EIDER at Semiahmoo. That's it.Good Luck and Good

Sunday, 12-30, 5;09PM Hi! This is Steven Mlodinow. Today, Cameron Cox,
Charlie Wright and Shaw and I started out down in the Nisqually area and
stopped at the Cedar River Mouth in Renton. The Cedar River Moutha had an
enormous number of gulls in the afternoon between about 2;30 and 5 o'clock.
When we first arrived there was an adult SLATY-BACKED GULL that appears to
be a different adult SLATY-BACKED GULL than the one found in the past week
than the one found by Cameron. There was also a second year GLAUCOUS GULL
and it's BACK! The Glaucland or Isis or whatever you want to call it. The
wierd white-winged adult gull thats intermediate between an ICELAND and a
GLAUCOUS GULL appeared at the Cedar River Mouth late in the day. At times
appearing ICELAND like and at times somewhat GLAUCOUS like. There were also
two, one first year and one second year bird that looked somewhat
intermediate between an ICELAND and THAYER'S GULL --God forbid! and
possibly another SLATY-BACKED or maybe the one we had seen earlier but it
was preening and pretty far out.
Also after Nisqually after we crossed Pierce County we headed west, I
forget the name of the road and among large numbers of ROBINS, VARIED
THRUSHS and so forth we found PINE GROSBEAKS, (indistinct) SPARROWS and a
couple of SLATE-COLORED JUNCOS. Good luck and good birding.

Monday, 12-31, 8:49AM Hi! This is Kathy Andrich and it's 12-31 and this
morning the WHOOPER SWAN was relocated near Snohomish, west of Marsh Road
from Highway 9 and there was a very large flock of swans just west of the
Choice Turf Drivaing Range and that is where the bird is located. The
weather was actually pretty good at the time it was located. Good luck and
good birding.

1-1-07 9:13AM Hello this is Craig Kemper (206) 789-9255 reporting for 1-1,
in Whatcom County at Drayton Harbor at Semiahmoo Spit. The KING EIDER was
relocated this morning at 7:45AM just 30 to 40 feet off shore at the float
at the Barstop Left Inn (??) turns to land. Good luck and good birding!
Bob Norton
norton36 at olypen.com
Joyce (near Port Angeles), WA
(360) 928-3053

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