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Wed Jan 3 11:56:24 PST 2007

Greetings All

Yes, a running update for 30+ counties would grow tedious, but I really don't see a sign of that happening and am not sure why people are so agitated at this point. Out of the last 300 or so emails, I suspect 3-5 have dealt with this topic. So, I guess, my response is "huh?"

I agree with Joe. Learn that delete button.
Or, you can have "subscribe only" privileges and access messages via birdingonthe.net, as I do.

And if you want to unsubscribe, posting a LET ME OUT OF HERE message to the listserv will not achieve that result. And if you want off the listserv, is there a need to be rude about it? If it doesn't suit your needs, just exit by contacting the listserv itself.

Finally, I think the LAST thing we need to do is subdivide further. All that will do is make communication more challenging. And by the way, there is a listserv that serves e. WA (and e. OR/ID) -- Inland Birders Northwest. Take a peek at Birdingonthe.net.

Sorry for this testy response, but in this New Year, don't we have bigger and better things to fret about?

Steve Mlodinow
Everett WA
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