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Hi Tweeters,
We catch fall migrant and local peregrines at Entiat Ridge near Leavenworth every year (13 peregrines over the last 6 years). It is located at 5,000' elevation. They are certainly hunting up there. I've also seen them going by in fall at Slate Peak above 7,000'. Kent Woodruff sees them flying past Chelan Ridge in autumn as well. So, if the question is whether they hunt above treeline, they definitely do, both on migration and during the dispersal period. Peregrines are pretty mobile in the mountains and, as you can imagine, cover alot of area in a very short amount of time.
As far as the altitudinal limitation on breeding sites, which I think is a more interesting question, all of the Cascade Mountain eyries in WA I have seen have been below the snowline in April. That is pretty low for west side sites our state, maybe 3,500'. WSDFW may have data on higher sites. I believe they now know of over 120 nest sites in our state. Is that correct, WSDFW? Kelly? Eric?
I have heard of eyries in Colorado above 10,000' elevation.
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